Replace Off-Base Water Supply, Anderson Air Force Base Guam (2008)
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Replace Off-Base Water Supply, Anderson Air Force Base Guam (2008)
Project Type: Quality Control

Project Status: Completed


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Location: AAFBG, Yigo, Guam

Assembled the Project Quality Control Plan and obtained NavFac and PacDiv approval for the Plan. Later as the project began to experience significant delays because of environmental and techncal issues, was hired as Project Manager to bring the project to completion. The $14M project consisted of 11 exploratory deep wells, the construction of five (5) deep water wells, 47,840+ LF of 6″, 8″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ Ø PVC water transmission piping, 3MG post-tensioned concrete water reservoir, treatment plant, booster pump station and 2,440 LF of distribution line for the baste potable water system.

Project scope included access road construction to roads in a restricted, secure area. Work required coordination and clearance from the AAFB tower and air traffic control, as well as security clearances for flight path and adjacent construction.

The work included preparation of the Construction Quality Control Plan, revisions to the Quality Control Plan for system operations modifications, schedule analysis, value-engineering analysis, claims analysis, quality control and coordination with the NavFac ROICC (Engineering) Office and the Anderson Air Force Base Civil engineering, Environmental and Water Production Offices. Also preparation of as-built drawings, operating permit applications for the potable water system and preparation of the system OMSI (Operation Maintenance and Support Information) Manual.